About me

about me

My background

I trained as a teacher and have had the opportunity to live and teach in the Highlands of Scotland, the Lake District, Devon and in Suffolk. I gained a Licentiateship from the Royal Photographic Society in 1994.

Along the way I have seen a variety environment: the lochs and hills, the lakes, the seascapes of the coastline and the large skies.  I have met many inspiring photographers who started my curiosity to look but also developed my ability to appreciate what mankind and the natural world has to offer.

I am now based in Devon and have seized the opportunity to follow my dream of seeing the world through the camera lens full time.

Services I am offering:

  • Contract hire of framed photographs: this allows businesses and or individuals to change their environment when needed.
  • To buy Mounted photographs
  • Individual commissions : family gatherings, business groups, friends in a relaxed environment